The Iconic MAGA Hat Memorialized In Beautiful Copper And Silver Coins

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With lockdowns beginning to loosen and Trump rallies soon to come, we’ve got a way for you to get ready for the energy and excitement of the 2020 election: A “Made America Great Again” coin from Disme Coins (by ordering through this link and the links below, you’ll be helping support and benefiting Gateway Pundit):

Disme Coins is an America First collector coin company supporting our movement. They want to get beautiful, high-quality Trump collector’s items and memorabilia into as many hands as possible.

Their limited edition “MAGA Hat” collector’s coin has incredible weight and beauty – and it starts at just $3.45:

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Click here to get yours now!

Here’s what Disme customer Andrew said about coins from Disme:

“I just received this and am really impressed by the precision detail. Really high quality.”

And what customer John said:

“I’ve been collecting coins for 50 years and these are very high quality! I’ve ordered twice now and getting ready to order a third time. I pass these out to friends and family members who support our President. The look on their face is priceless for a meer $3 investment. Please keep coming out with new designs and I’ll be back for them!”

And customer Stanley:

“I am sold on this line of coins. I have not found another line with this much detail and obvious effort into making a great coin. I will say the silver versions of these look way better, but on a budget, these certainly get the job done an you can pass them out and make someone happy for the day.”

Here are the details for this high-quality copper coin:
– Series: 45th Presidential Series
– Composition: 99.9% Copper (Cu)
– Country of Manufacture: United States of America
– Diameter: 39 mm (1.53543″)
– Edge: Reeded
– Mint: Highland Mint
– Packaging: Coin Flip (20 – Tube)
– Strike: Proof Like
– Thickness: 2.9 mm (0.114173″)
– Weight: One Ounce AVDP (28.34 Grams)

Click here to order yours today!

The coin is also minted in 99.9% pure silver:

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Click here to get yours today!

Here are the details for this high-quality silver coin:
– Composition: 99.9% Fine Silver (Ag)
– Country of Manufacture: United States of America
– Diameter: 39 mm (1.53543″)
– Edge: Reeded
– Mint: Highland Mint
– Packaging: Plastic Capsule (20 – Tube)
– Series: 45th Presidential Series
– Strike: Proof Like
– Thickness: 2.9 mm (0.114173″)
– Weight: One Troy Ounce (31.103 Grams)

Click here to get yours today!

Get a bunch, and give them away. It’s a great way to remind everyone of the excitement of Trump rallies, and to get them ready for when the rallies return!

Here’s what others have said about Disme coins:

“Unique gift, very shiny, lets you show your support for the President. Very happy with the product.” – Brian

“This is my third order; these coins make wonderful gifts and are conversation starters. Great quality and service from Disme.” – Ruth

“Unique must-have to any Trump memorabilia collector.” – Lee

Hand them out to your friends and fellow Trump supporters. You’ll find everyone loves their feel and heft. They’re a powerful tool for building community with other Trump supporters.

Here’s more information from Disme Coins: 

Each one of our coins comes with a direct fit capsule. This will make sure that these precious coins are protected not just through shipping but also against liberals who would seek to destroy anything with President Trump.

All of our coins and products are made right here in the USA by amazing hard working American Citizens. Please know that your collection of coins goes to Making America Great Again and as we grow we will Keep America Great.

We will be donating ten percent of our net profits to local right leaning organizations like For the Troops Simi Valley, and our local chapters of the Republican Party.

Purchasing through this link directly supports the work of the Gateway Pundit.

ORDER NOW: Whether you want these collector’s coins for yourself or you want to give it as a gift, NOW is the time to get yours!

Order TODAY by clicking here!

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