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The June 1, 2020, issue of National Review — that thing of ink and paper — is now off the presses and in the mail. But its content is also available online and accessible — completely and immediately — to NRPLUS members, and it’s doubtful that there is any conservative out there who wouldn’t wish to read every single word of this issue. It sports on its cover John James, Michigan’s rising GOP star now enmeshed in a truly competitive race to grab a U.S. Senate seat this November from the liberal incumbent Democrat, Gary Peters. John J. Miller’s excellent profile of James is a must-read.

While we’re recommending some selections, do also consider the major essay by acclaimed playwright and novelist, David Mamet, who weaves lockdowns, writing, codes, Donald Trump, and the Left’s loathing of him into a brilliant analysis of our times. And then there is Alex Armlovich’s defense of cities, and why conservatives should care about them. We’ll also recommend a piece from the Books, Arts & Manners section: Consider the lead review, by Richard Reinsch, in which he praises Robert Reilly’s new book, America on Trial: A Defense of the Founding.

Elsewhere between its covers, the June 1, 2020, issue includes the usual gang of brilliant suspects (Ponnuru, Long, Lileks, Nordlinger, Kearns — she has a great piece on Goop — Brookhiser, et al.). What’s not to like? Nothing! If you want to consume it all — as well as have access to the last decade of NR’s archives and derive numerous other pleasures — then be guided by the profound old saying: A word to the wise is sufficient. Do subscribe here.

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