Far Left Florida Mayor Fills Skatepark With Mulch to Keep the Kids Out

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Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe, who has previously praised the violent acts of the domestic terrorist organization known as Antifa, has just filled the public funded skate park in Gainesville with mulch so that residents stuck at home are unable to utilize it.

Channel 4 News in Gainesville reported the move earlier today. We have seen similar things occur in California, where they filled the historic Venice Beach skatepark with beach sand to stop people from skating.

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Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini, who earned his bachelors and law degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville, told TGP that Poe’s behavior is “insane”.

“This is insane and irresponsible: while working Floridians are doing everything they can to stretch their wallets during this crisis, City of Gainesville bureaucrats just dropped tens of thousands of dollars dropping piles of mulch into a public skate park so it couldn’t be used by school children and families.”

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Poe’s decision to fill the skatepark comes after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is ready to move towards the second phase of reopening Florida’s economy and putting Floridians back to work. He recently reopened barbershops and salons. A few days ago he announced major sports would resume in the Sunshine State.

“This is a guy who has spent more time sticking up for Antifa than he has for the working class people of Gainesville,” Sabatini concluded.

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