WOW! FOX News Douche Leland Vittert Runs Disgusting Hit Piece on Michael Flynn — Accuses Him of Being Liar, Omits ALL OF THE FACTS (VIDEO)

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FOX News Trump-hating hack reporter Leland Vittert ran a disgusting hit piece on General Michael Flynn on Thursday night.

The latest line on the left to smear General Flynn is that he lied to the court about lying and therefore should be imprisoned.
Leland Vittert echoed this sentiment tonight in his hit piece.

Of course, Vittert left out of his report that the Mueller prosecutors and Flynn’s former attorneys at Covington hid literally THOUSANDS of documents from General Flynn for THREE YEARS until they were discovered this past month.

The Mueller prosecutors and his former attorneys at Covington also hid Brady evidence from General Flynn for three years proving his innocence!

TRENDING: John Brennan Goes Berserk After His Role in Unmasking General Mike Flynn Revealed

It is also true that the top Mueller prosecutor Brandon Van Grack committed several false and fraudulent activities to indict General Flynn.

Flashback: Corrupt DOJ and Mueller Attorney Van Grack Committed Many False and Fraudulent Activities in His Efforts to Indict General Flynn

But Vittert did not include this in his report.
Instead it was a hit piece like some dishonest reporting you would expect from the liberal mainstream media!



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