Joy Behar Throws Tantrum Defending Reporters Against ‘Disgusting Racist’ Trump

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After CBS’s White House correspondent Weijia Jiang tried to suggest President Trump was racist towards her during Monday’s briefing on the coronavirus, the hosts of The View pounced on the opportunity to accuse the president of both racism and sexism on Tuesday’s show. A clearly triggered Joy Behar declared that not just Trump, but his supporters were also racist.

After playing a clip of the exchange where CBS reporter Weijia Jiang accused the president of bringing up China because she is Chinese-American, co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked Joy Behar to respond.

Fuming, she ranted Trump was a “disgusting racist” and so were his supporters:

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You know what, Whoopi, we all know now that he’s a racist. He’s a disgusting racist. We knew it when he attacked Mexicans. We knew it when he defended Charlottesville people, and we know it when he goes after China and he goes after a Chinese-American girl. He is a racist. He throws red meat to his base on a regular basis, and anybody who still supports this guy needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are racist also. That’s all I have to say about him. I’ve had enough of him!

Whoopi then posted to guest host Ana Navarro this was also showing Trump’s sexism and sensitivity to criticism:

“Does he throw tantrums like this because he’s being challenged on the facts or challenged by a woman, Ana? What do you think it is?” she asked.

Navarro didn’t choose the racist and sexist cards but instead argued the president is an equal opportunity offender who doesn’t like to be challenged. Navarro went on to lavish praise on the White House press corps:

I just want to say good for this reporter. Good for Weijia Jiang for standing up for herself in the moment and asking, ‘why are you asking me that China question?’ Obviously she was born in China. She’s from Virginia. She’s an American. And also, good for Kaitlan Collins from CNN for standing up, for allowing her colleague the time to do that followup and then for questioning the president on ignoring her. Good for those two women for standing up. I think they’re doing us proud, and the question that he was being asked was not a challenging question. It was a normal question. It was a rational question.

After a few more questions, Whoopi ended the segment claiming the Trump administration was telling people to “suck it up” because people were “going to die.” As punishment for Trump’s supposed “cavalierness,” she demanded he choose who gets to die first from his family:

I think that’s — that people are now starting to sort of hear and really pay attention to what he’s saying and cavalierness with which he condemns other people’s families, you know, ‘suck it up, people are going to die.’ Well, you know, you choose first who goes from your family. That’s how I’m looking at this. Whenever somebody says, ‘Yeah, you know, you suck it up!’

The hosts resurrected the racism talking point with Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) later in the show:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: We were talking earlier about you-know-who storming out of a press conference yesterday after a heated exchange with two female reporters. What did you take away from it? Is it the fact that they were female? What is it, do you think?

TAMMY DUCKWORTH: Well, I think he got called out on his racism. He has really been targeting asian-americans in particular and he was speaking to an Asian female reporter and I think he could bully her and she wouldn’t take it. Any time strong women have stood up to Donald Trump, he like most bullies retreats, and in this case you can see that he turned tail and ran out of that meeting when two female reporters backed each other up.

That interview was nearly 100% softballs, with Joy Behar even getting excited by the possibility of Duckworth being Joe Biden’s running mate. They left the only Tara Reade question until the very end of the interview, the last question actually, just like ABC did with Joe Biden, this morning.


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