Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Says Conspiracy to Entrap General Flynn Goes All the Way to the Top to Barack Obama (VIDEO)

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General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell on Sunday said Barack Obama was involved in the conspiracy to entrap Flynn.

Powell told “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo that former DNI James Clapper briefed Barack Obama on the transcripts of the December 2016 Flynn-Kislyak phone calls.

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The Justice Department dropped its case against General Mike Flynn Thursday after bombshell documents released proved he was framed by Comey’s FBI.

The DOJ said in its motion to dismiss that “The interview of Mr. Flynn was untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn.”

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The DOJ was referring to the January 24, 2017 ambush FBI interview conducted by FBI counterintel chief Peter Strzok and FBI special agent Joe Pientka.

“These agents specifically schemed and planned with each other how to not tip him off, that he was even the person being investigated,” Powell said of Strzok and Pientka.

According to newly declassified documents, then-Deputy AG Sally Yates said she first learned of the December 2016 calls between Flynn and Kislyak from Barack Obama in the January 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting.

“The whole thing was orchestrated and set up within the FBI, Clapper, Brennan, and in the Oval Office meeting that day with President Obama,” Powell said referring the secret Oval Office meeting on January 5, 2017.

Maria Bartiromo asked Powell, “So you think this goes all the way up to the top to President Obama?”

Powell responded: “Absolutely.”



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