Twenty Things that Caught My Eye Today: (May 8, 2020)

Political News


1. Turkey’s occupation of northern Syria includes population transfers

2. World is washing its hands of Lebanon, Maronite bishop warns

3. China’s war on whistleblowers

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5. Nearly 90 percent of the coronavirus deaths in Connecticut last week were nursing home patients

6. N.J. to send 120 National Guard soldiers to longterm care facilities to help with coronavirus response

7. Coronavirus pandemic may lead to 75,000 “deaths of despair” from suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, study says

What’s especially alarming is how many there were before Coronavirus

8. Argentine president vows to legalize abortion, despite pandemic shutdown

9. Church/state deal means Mass will be back in Italy on May 18

10. Life Has Moved to Zoom. Can Prison Visitation Do the Same?

11. New York Priest Lifts Spirits of Nursing Home Shut-ins with a Special Dose of Culture

12. My friend Andrew Walther is headed to EWTN from the Knights of Columbus. He’s been a behind-the-scenes gift for persecuted Christians and other religious minorities, among others. Smart, well-read, faithful, and courageous. I’m looking forward to good, renewed things at a media enterprise established by a woman who we will likely one day celebrate as an official saint of the Church.

13. 2020 Gerber baby is first adopted baby chosen for campaign

14. Small Churches Are in Particularly Big Trouble Right Now

15. Tim Alberta talks to a restaurant owner in a small town in Michigan

16. In Rejecting the Zoom Seder, What Did Orthodox Jews Affirm?

17. I Just Flew. It Was Worse Than I Thought It Would Be.

18. Peggy Nooon’s latest, if you haven’t read it yet:

I want to get back to the national morale. All these dreadful economic numbers—you can’t let people sink into defeatism. You can’t let them think there is no hope, or that things in the future are just going to be bad. They are Americans, they know how to suffer—even the ones who’ve never suffered a day in their lives, it’s still in their genes. But they’re like the pioneers, they have to be able to believe while they’re on the long trek that there’s some fertile area around the next bend, or the one after that. They have to know there’s a safe place where they can finally settle.


20. Anthony, Our Angel in Disguise Holy Week, 2020



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