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You might have noticed that the paywall at National Review has been getting more extensive. Multiple pieces a day, and some of our best work, are behind it.

I know this can be annoying as a reader, and it’s tempting to try to find ways to dance around it.

But there’s really only one easy solution — sign up for our digital subscription, NRPLUS.

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It will give you access to all of our content. It will make you a deeper part of the NR community. It will support our journalism, which during this crisis and at a time when the press has given up any pretense of objectivity, is more important than ever.

And with today’s 60%-off sale, it will cost you less than $3.50 a month, or less than the cost of a couple of drinks at Starbucks (that is, when Starbucks is open again).

When you sign up for NRPLUS, the paywall is no longer an issue, and you see drastically fewer ads. You can comment on articles and blog posts, if that floats your boat, and become part of our private Facebook group. You get invited to be part of calls with top conservative newsmakers — we had Larry Kudlow a few weeks back — and to join our writers and editors at get-togethers around the country.

NR has always been a partnership between us and our readers, one that for decades was consummated with a print issue arriving at your house or office courtesy of the United States postal service.

That’s still an important part of what we do, but much of our work and our community has obviously migrated online, and NRPLUS is a crucial expression of that.

So please join tens of thousands of your fellow NR readers, and sign up.

I realize it can be irksome to stop and take the time to fill in a couple of fields to activate a subscription. And maybe it’s something you always meant to do, but figured you’d get around to it later.

Well, there’s no time like right now. I promise you won’t regret it. Don’t put it off another day. Don’t let inertia win out. Don’t be penny-wise. Just click here and say “goodbye” to the paywall and “hello” to your fellow NRPLUS members, who are an indispensable part of our mutual enterprise, determined to defend the American way of life against all comers.


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