“Take a Look at That Guy. The Guy’s a Stone Cold Loser”

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The disgusting #NeverTrump “Lincoln Project” released a new ad on Monday. In the midst of the worst pandemic to hit America in a century these self-described ‘Republicans’ released one of the most horrible Trump-hating ads of the year so far.

This leftist group is led by prominent Trump-haters George Conway, Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson.
Truly a who’s who of Never Trump losers.

You can read more about these Trump-haters here.

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On Monday the ad ran during FOX and Friends titled “Mourning in America” blaming President Trump for the pandemic and resulting recession.

On Tuesday reporters asked President Trump about the “Lincoln Project” attack ad.

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In typical Trump fashion — he did not hold back the fire!

President Trump: Yeah I saw something a project, a thing called “The Lincoln Project” and I would call it the “Loser’s Project” because if you take a look at Schmidt, it’s George Conway, the guy — Kellyanne must have done a big number on him.  But it’s George Conway, Weaver, everyone of them I either  defeated or they lost by themselves.  But it’s a group of major losers.  Republican losers.  And if they would really think about it, I have 252 beautiful, wonderful conservative judges, two Supreme Court judges that are great.  We produced the greatest economy in history until  a month and a half ago when we got hit by the virus.  We had to close it down, we’ll do it again… With all of that I guess they don’t like me.  But let me tell you, these are losers from day one.  Like Bill Kristol, he’s 0 and 32!  George Conway, just look at him, take a look at that guy.  The man’s a stone cold loser.  So they should not call it the Lincoln Project, a great man, it’s not fair to Abraham Lincoln.  They should call it the Loser’s Project.  OK. Thanks.

And, that’s why his supporters love him.


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