Sources Close to John Durham Say Criminal Actions Laid Out in Recent DOJ Documents Enough to Bring Charges Against Obama Deep State Officials (VIDEO)

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Lou Dobbs reported on Friday that sources familiar with the John Durham investigation say Durham believes the criminal actions laid out in recently released documents are sufficient to bring charges against Obama FBI and DOJ.

This is very big news!

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Lou Dobbs: Sources familiar with the investigation tell FOX News that US Attorney John Durham has reviewed the recently released documents from the Flynn case and that Durham now believes the corrupt actions laid out in those documents are sufficient to bring charges against members of the FBI and the Department of Justice who carried out criminal acts against General Flynn. Durham is said to be speaking regularly with Attorney General Bill Barr and is building what some sources call a serious case against those FBI and DOJ officials. Durham is expected to wrap up his investigation by the end of this summer.

FOX News has more here.

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President Trump weighed in on the Obama Deep State scandal today on the Dan Bongino Show.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:


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