Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reopening Some Businesses In State Beginning Friday

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Americans across the country are ready to go back to work.

In some states, people are protesting the shutdowns and demanding that their states reopen.

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In Texas, no one is protesting, because Governor Greg Abbott is about to reopen much of the state.

The Texas Tribune reports:

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Gov. Greg Abbott to let restaurants, movie theaters and malls open with limited capacity Friday

Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday that he will let the state’s stay-at-home order expire Thursday as scheduled and allow businesses to begin reopening in phases the next day, the latest ramp-up in his push to restart the Texas economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

First to open Friday: retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and malls. But they will only be allowed to operate at 25% capacity. Museums and libraries will also be allowed to open at 25% capacity, but hands-on exhibits must remain closed.

Abbott said a second phase of business reopenings could come as soon as May 18 — as long as the state sees “two weeks of data to confirm no flare-up of COVID-19.” That second phase would allow businesses to expand their occupancy to 50%, according to the governor.

Abbott made the announcement during a news conference at the Texas Capitol, which he began by saying he would let the stay-at-home order expire because it “has done its job to slow the growth of COVID-19.”

Here are some updates from Abbott’s Twitter account:

It’s no wonder why Abbott is such a popular governor.

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