Judge Rules Illinois Governor Exceeded Authority, Violated Civil Rights with Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Order

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Illinois Governor Pritzker

A judge on Monday ruled Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s Coronavirus stay-at-home order exceeded his emergency authority and violated civil rights, the Washington Times reported.

Republican Rep. Darren Bailey sought a restraining order against Governor Pritzker and Clay County Circuit Judge Michael McHaney sided with him.

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Since Bailey is the plaintiff, he is currently the only Illinois citizen released from the stay-at-home order, however others may join in his lawsuit or file their own.

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Democrat Governor Pritzker on April 2nd issued an authoritarian lockdown order shutting down schools, non-essential businesses and severely limited individuals from moving about the state.

Pritzker was furious after the judge ruled against him and lashed out at the Republican lawmaker as being someone who is “blindly devoted to ideology and the pursuit of personal celebrity.”

Via The Washington Times:

A judge in southern Illinois ruled Monday that Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order to stem the spread of the coronavirus exceeds his emergency authority and violates individual civil rights.

Pritzker promised “swift” action to overturn the judge’s order, which applies only to Bailey but allows other individuals and groups to challenge the movement restrictions while the highly contagious illness circulates.

The ruling came the same day House Republicans attacked Pritzker on another front, renewing demands for details on state prison inmates released early because of COVID-19 fears.

Pritzker signed an order earlier this month allowing furloughs for elderly inmates or those with health conditions, who are considered “medically vulnerable” to contracting and spreading COVID-19. Roughly 36,000 people are incarcerated in Illinois facilities and civil rights advocates have raised concerns about inmate welfare.

“It’s insulting. It’s dangerous and people’s safety and health have now been put at risk,” Pritzker said. “There may be people who contract coronavirus as a result of what Darren Bailey has done.”

The judge blasted Pritzker’s stay-at-home order for violating the Constitution and shredding the Bill of Rights.

“How in the world does me not being allowed to fish the lake promote COVID-19 but panic-buying at Wal-Mart doesn’t?” Judge McHaney said.

Pritzker is appealing the ruling and the status hearing is scheduled for next week.


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