New York Times Reporter Complaint to YouTube Prompted Takedown of Bio-Tech Firm’s Video on UV Light Treatment for Coronavirus Patients

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New York Times reporter Davey Alba posted several tweets Friday night about his efforts to get YouTube to take down videos about the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus regarding President Trump recent comments about experimental treatments for the virus and a company, Aytu BioScience, that is claiming a UV light treatment can kill the coronavirus inside patients’ bodies via a fiber optic catheter inserted in an intubation tube. The company issued a press release on Tuesday about the treatment, two days before Trump was mocked by the media for speculating about such treatment. The company says a peer-reviewed study is forthcoming.

YouTube took down the Aytu BioScience video Friday night soon after Alba reported the video to YouTube.

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“I contacted YouTube about this video, which is being shared on tons of replies on Twitter & on Facebook, by people asserting that it backs up Trump’s idea throwing it out there that UV rays kill coronavirus. YouTube just said it removed it for violating its community guidelines.”

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“YouTube says these videos are not in violation of their misinformation policy after I flagged them to the company. They react to Trump’s comments last night throwing out there the idea of injecting disinfectant / UV light to kill coronavirus”

“YouTube removed monetization for one of the videos above, after I flagged them to the company.”

Alba also asked AytuBioscience for an interview, “Hi there, Josh and Mark. I’m a reporter at The New York Times, and would love to be able to chat about Healight if you have some time today. Hope we can email — [email protected]

AytuBioScience reposted the video to Vimeo, “Many are now talking about UV light being used as a treatment for COVID-19. We are proud to have teamed up with @MarkPimentelMD and his team at @CedarsSinai They developed Healight. We’re not sure why @YouTube disabled our link, but here’s how it works:”

Alba joked with a Boston academician who supported his efforts at censorship:


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