“This Is a Rigged System!” – 22 Million Americans Laid Off Due to Government Lockdown Orders –

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New York Post columnist Betsy McCaughey joined Newsmax TV on Thursday to discuss the latest unemployment claims. On Thursday

The weekly US unemployment numbers grew by 4.42 million jobs this week.
That brings the total to 26 million of unemployed Americans due to government enforced regulations.

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Betsy McCaughey: Worse than heartless. 22 million people have been laid off since the beginning of this shutdown. And guess what? It’s the government that defines what an essential worker is and those government people are still getting their paychecks. This is a rigged system, to use a phrase that the Democrats like to use. This is a rigged system where the government says everybody is going to use their job except us. We consider ourselves essential. Americans should be rising up in protest. This shutdown in many places has gone on long enough. And the people setting the rules are still getting their paycheck.

Why is Congress still getting paid? When Pelosi sits at home instead of doing her job?

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Betsy McCaughey is right!


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