Snopes Founder Blew $98,000 on Hookers — We Got Pics — Now This Garbage Far Left Website is Smearing TGP Over US Flags

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Mikkelson’s wife at the time, Barbara Mikkelson, worked on the site, too. It was more of a hobby that eventually started making a little money from ads — “enough to take a weekend trip” — and then became a real moneymaker.

The marriage ended in divorce, with Barbara selling her share in 2016 to a company called Proper Media. There has been ongoing, messy litigation that was covered in-depth in Wired magazine last year.

Here’s a picture of the now divorced David and Barbara and a cat below:

As divorces go, it appears that this was a rough one for the Mikkelsons  – well at least for Barbara  (see story here). During the divorce Barabra Mikkelson’s court filing alleged that her former husband and founder of Snopes had embezzled $98K from the company and spent it on himself and the services of prostitutes.

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Apparently Mr. Mikkelson, was attracted to a lady by the name of Ebyssa Young, a former Libertarian candidate for congress in Hawaii.

Hat tip Yaacov Apelbaum

So the purveyor of truth on the Internet embezzled about $100,000 on prostitutes during his divorce but we’re all supposed to believe that he, Snopes, Wikipedia and own what is true on the Internet.

On Monday rushed to defend lunatic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer after she banned citizens from purchasing “non-essential” items including seeds, plants, tiles, carpet and US Flags!

The state is banning the sale of US flags due to the governor’s order.

Snopes says this is not true.

Here’s the picture.

The same fake news outlet that was blowing money on hookers has a problem with the truth.


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