Latino Nets’ COVID-19 Reporting Pushes ‘Controversy’

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At the nation´s Spanish-speaking media, the word “controversy” seems fit for use in just about any report about the coronavirus and the measures taken by the Trump administration to contain it, as well as to mitigate the economic hardships it has triggered.

This video clip from recents newscasts at Telemundo and Univision gives you an idea of the Latino nets’ fixation with the term:

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NICOLE SUAREZ: And now we go to Washington where the controversy is served.


JAVIER VEGA: That’s why those two controversies


CLAUDIA UCEDA: And now, talking about another subject, we’re talking about this new controversy


CRISTINA LONDOO: And now on to our daily controversy

Let’s watch the controversy


CAROLINA SARASSA: And so far, there’s quite a bit of controversy in the country’s capital


RICARDO ARRAMABARI: As the controversy of putting on or not wearing gloves continues


SARASSA: Right now, there’s controversy in the state of Wisconsin


REPORTER: Another controversial measure against coronavirus 


SARASSA: Night before last President Trump intervened in the controversy

These are, without a doubt, times of uncertainty and much anxiety. The Hispanic news media is already doing a massive disservice to its audience by refusing to air the daily coronavirus updates from the White House, in order to editorialize messages to fit their liberal rhetoric.

Adding gratuitous “controversy” to their news content at this moment in time is completely out of place. As we all face an unknown enemy, and practically every single nation is doing the best it can -within its capabilities- to deal with the Wuhan virus, we need facts and positivism. Not more ´controversies”. 



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